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You, Marissa Clarke, have a plan. 

You plan to put your psychology degree to work and start a research project of your own! With the deadline closing in and only a vague idea that you will be researching something about classical music, you attend the concert of the up-and-coming cellist Alan Dalencout to survey the scene. You never expected to find yourself pulled into a group with Alan, his brothers, and two of his friends!

The Dalencourts

Blackwood and Fontaine

These five men are wealthy, but it’s not their money you find enticing. Try to unravel the mysteries of their hearts!

Olivier Dalencourt

Olivier is incredibly capable and has a warm, “big brother” vibe. He shows incredible care to his younger brother and seems genuinely concerned about his wayward older brother. Overall he seems outwardly flawless, with a combination of business capability and unmatched consideration for others.

Lance Dalencourt

Lance carries himself as though he is a prince. He has never worked a day in his life, which is immediately evident in his attitude. He interacts with the world as though everyone has an obligation to cater to his every need. Sometimes, however, he will erupt in bursts of anger when prodded about his family.

Alan Dalencourt

Alan is gentle and soft-spoken. He has a tendency to trust people, and this hasn’t become a problem due to Olivier’s protection. His passions can be riled when talking about music, especially the cello, but otherwise, he has difficulties with interpersonal communication.

Vincent Fontaine

Vincent is charismatic and charming; just as talented at pitching his products as he is at innovating new ones. At first glance, he is open and friendly, but he never shows any vulnerability.

Evan Blackwood

Evan feels bored at work. He is a successful investor, but he is so compartmentalized between his work and his emotions that he takes no joy in success. He spends most of his personal time in his apartment, spending all his emotions on raising plants. He feels quite fulfilled with his current arrangement and is rather unwilling to let any more variables into his life.

Otome Game by MB Studios

Note: This is a demo of the full game! This includes the common route only. Follow development for the full game! #NaNoRenO 2019

Thanks for playing!

Install instructions

Pick your platform  (PC or Mac) 

Unzip the ZIP file

Click on Valid Company.exe



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Wonderful common route - I'm really intrigued by the characters and am excited to know more about their personalities. Looking forward to the full game!!


I'll be honest, I've been lured in by the art. But it was worth it! The story is well written, I love the MC and got quite interested in the guys. Lance is my fave so far, but Evan's not far behind. I'm looking forward to the full game!